Why Do We Love Motorcycles?

Why Do We Love Motorcycles?

If We had to explain it you’d probably never understand. 

The Feeling you get Riding a Motorcycle is one of Freedom, One of adrenaline and One of Full Control. You control where you go, why you go and how you get there.

At Rather Be Riding we believe it doesn’t get any better than Classic Motorcycles. Yes new bikes are faster, smoother, more reliable and a way more sensible option but life isn’t always about being sensible.

Theres something about the rawness of a classic bike, You can’t just jump on it and go fast, You really need to know the bike first, How it brakes, How it accelerates, just when and where you need to prepare for the next corner because there’s no computer controlling your traction or your preventing your brakes from locking. Its all up to the Rider and it doesn’t get any more pure than that. 

Whether you like Japanese, American, British or even Russian bikes its all the same feeling we crave and love and that's what we’re all about at RBR, Coming together as fellow bike enthusiasts who just plain and simply love Motorcycles. Not holding malice because that person likes Jap bikes and you’re into British bikes, or ignoring a someone because they ride a Harley. At the end of the day we all hold the same passion and that’s a Wonderful thing.

When it comes down to it, We would all Rather Be Riding.